Affordable Hotel and Lodging Tips For Travelers
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Affordable Hotel and Lodging Tips For Travelers

Hello, my name is Annie Myers and since my husband and I are both retired, we love to travel. While we are traveling, we like to stay on a budget so that we don't overspend. Before booking a hotel or making lodging accommodations, I do plenty of research to get the best deal I can. Because we travel frequently, I've also learned several other tips that allow my husband and I to get affordable hotel rates. I wanted to share this information with others who also like to travel, but don't go because of the expense. I hope my blog helps you to save money so that you can afford to travel frequently too.


Affordable Hotel and Lodging Tips For Travelers

Are You Planning Your Stay At A Caravan Park This Summer?

Patrick Kim

Are you making plans for your summer vacation already? If those plans involve traveling in a recreational vehicle, count yourself lucky that your home-on-wheels will provide lodging while you are away from your regular home. After all, you won't have to look for hotels or motels along the way, especially in popular places like Colorado, where tourists flock by the thousands. If you are already seasoned RV owners, you more than likely already know exactly what to expect at a caravan park. However, if you are new RV owners, from finding out what activities will be available to you in the holiday park to which amenities you can expect, here are some ideas that might help you.

Holiday Park Activities - Will you be visiting several different holiday parks during the summer, or will you base yourself at just one? Either way, when you check in at the front office, find out which activities are going on during the summer months. For example, if there is a swimming pool in the park, find out if there will be a swim team for your kids, if you will be traveling with your children. Is there a game night, perhaps where you and others who are staying in the park can get to know each other with ice cream served before or after a Bingo game? 

If you are new to caravan parks, you'll more than likely be amazed at what will be available to you. For example, there might be a group that walks together each morning, and there might even be craft classes or a book club. Being a part of these will certainly add fun to your summer stay at a caravan park.

Holiday Park Amenities - You'll probably be able to find laundromats at the caravan parks, which just means that you won't have to search for places to wash and dry your clothes in a nearby city or town. There might even be a storage facility on the caravan park grounds, just in case you want to store things like portable chairs and a grill while you travel to a new caravan park location. The people in the front office are there to make you feel at home, so just ask them any question you have and they will do their best to answer it. 

Also, the front office will probably also have pamphlets and other information of things to do while you are in the area. You might even get suggestions on places like popular restaurants and great shopping. Contact a facility, like Golden Leas Holiday Park, for more help.