Affordable Hotel and Lodging Tips For Travelers
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Affordable Hotel and Lodging Tips For Travelers

Hello, my name is Annie Myers and since my husband and I are both retired, we love to travel. While we are traveling, we like to stay on a budget so that we don't overspend. Before booking a hotel or making lodging accommodations, I do plenty of research to get the best deal I can. Because we travel frequently, I've also learned several other tips that allow my husband and I to get affordable hotel rates. I wanted to share this information with others who also like to travel, but don't go because of the expense. I hope my blog helps you to save money so that you can afford to travel frequently too.


Affordable Hotel and Lodging Tips For Travelers

Stay In A Beach House When On Holiday

Patrick Kim

A holiday spent in a beach house is a luxury that everyone can enjoy, especially when it is on the coast of another country. Beach houses reflect the country, culture, architecture, and natural environment where they are located and yet have all of the privacy and creature comforts of home. Here are some of the qualities and features to look for when booking a beach house for a holiday in another country:

Spacious Beach House:  Holiday beach houses were built to take full advantage of the sun, sea, and activities in a particular location. Many of these homes have large picture windows for viewing the coastline, cliffs, islands, and other nearby geographical features. These windows offer lodgers a view of the sun and moon on the water at any time of day or night. Many beach houses are available with completely equipped kitchens so that lodgers can prepare their own meals. Many also have laundry facilities in the house or in an attached garage.

Outdoor Amenities:  Beach houses are available with many outdoor amenities such as private patios, barbecues, sundecks, pools, spas, and outdoor showers. You can freely use all of these amenities when you are a lodger, including beach chairs, chaise lounges, barbecues, and utensils.

Short Walk To The Shore:  When booking a beach house, look for one that has shore access within a short walk from the house. Many beach houses are located on cliffs or palisades, and access the shoreline by a short walkway or stairway. This direct access allows lodgers to walk to and from the beach in bathing suits and casual shoes and easily carry sports equipment, food, and beverages.

Beach Activities:  Many beaches have permanent volleyball courts and gymnastic equipment that everyone can use. Other equipment can be available to rent, such as sailboats, surfboards, paddle boards, canoes, fishing equipment, and bicycles. Some beaches even have an amusement park located on the sand or on a nearby pier.

Beach Community:  Many beach houses are part of a community with organized activities for all residents and lodgers. These activities include group dinners, dancing, games, swimming, boating, ocean cruises, and nature walks. Community activities can be announced by mail, email, text message, and posted on bulletin boards. Food, clothing, and other supplies can be purchased within a short drive that includes restaurants, cinemas, video rentals, entertainment, and other stores.

Families with or without children and pets can enjoy a holiday in a beach house in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Tahiti, Canada, and Australia. Contact companies like Beach Holidays in France to learn about rentals that are available during your travel dates. A beach house can provide the setting for a truly memorable holiday at any time of year.